First, we define what you want to learn. Then we search millions of websites and social media platforms around the world to collect data about your subject.


Then our dedicated team of readers analyse every single bit of raw data. Finding themes and structuring the results.


We interpret the data to determine the value and meaning of every mention. This allows us to create new insights that are reliable, grounded and directly relevant to your business.


We believe there’s more to research that just answers. So we offer an on-going consumer / customer perspective to help you learn, assess and, if needed, implement change.


The ways in which people talk, share and create online (what we call social data) gives us greater insight into what people think and how they feel about brands, businesses, products and services. Here’s why:


Unlike other forms of market research, social data already exists. It’s generated because people have something to say and share, not because they’re being interrogated by a researcher in an artificial setting. Social data is a more natural reflection of what people actually think.


Comments and conversations about any given topic, typically number the tens of thousands. Which means that social data allows you to tap into the opinions of more people than traditional research.


Social media enables people to express their views in their own words, on the platform they feel most comfortable with. They also create this content where and when they like. So insights collected from social data are grounded in natural human behaviour and real-life experiences.


To truly understand social data, you need to work differently. At Listen + Learn, we use traditional qualitative research techniques, but with an innovative twist.

We don’t rely on machines to tell us what people are saying, we read everything.
This pioneering approach to insight generation means we can give you a deeper and more accurate picture of what people think and feel about your product, service or business.
Our global reach and operational model also enables us to analyse large amounts of data and deliver insights quickly and cost-effectively.



We’ll work with you to better define your customer segmentation, analyse your competitors and evaluate your performance in the market.

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We’ll help you:

LEARN more about your customers and find out what they want.

UNDERSTAND what customers think of you and your competitors.

DEFINE the market and your place within it.



We’ll help you to stay relevant and reactive. By analysing social data, you’ll be able to see the world as your customers do.

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We’ll help you to:

SEE your brand from your consumers’ point of view.

EVALUATE and measure campaign performance.

CREATE more engaging social media content.

DEFINE the problems and opportunities for your brand.



Social media is now the place most customers decide to voice their concerns about brands and companies. Social data helps you to identify these frustrations and feed them into your innovation and product development process.

It’s a great way to harness customer opinion and make your business more relevant and efficient.

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We’ll help you:

IDENTIFY unmet needs.

SOLVE product or service issues.

TEST new ideas and products.