Market Research Summit – 2015

Using social listening research as the methodology, we take a new view of our trust in financial services.

Instead of asking how much they trusted their banks, consumers were observed talking about their mortgages, current accounts and insurance using social media.

A detailed model of the different human emotions was deployed to understand what was […]

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Recognising innovation in research

Having said a slightly emotional goodbye to my wife and two boys, I’m now sitting in T5 Heathrow waiting for a flight to Miami. Not normally how I’d spend a Sunday.

How did we get here?

Over the summer we (with the awesome team at Catalyx) ran a number of social listening research projects for some […]

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3, it’s the magic number…

This week sees a bit of a milestone for us, it’s our 3rd birthday.

What a year it’s been.

We’ve seen social listening research gaining momentum, evolving and maturing to a point where it’s delivering significant value.

And along the way it’s been a real pleasure working with some amazing firms to help them:

Turn consumer […]

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Aura – Social Media research seminar

In case you missed last week’s Aura Social Media seminar, here’s a quick summary of what we covered in our session.

Session title:

What the heck is social listening anyway?


To go beyond just monitoring and use social media data as a tool for market research and insight.


1. What is Social Media Data
We started by looking […]

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Why you should think beyond sentiment

There’s a saying that goes “if you have a hammer, all you see are nails”.

It’s a bit like this when it comes to social media research. We can (kind of) measure sentiment, so that tends to be the only thing that gets talked about.

But this misses so much. It’s a very one dimensional view of […]

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Finalist – MRS Best New Agency

600 days ago we set out on a journey to use the things people share online to help inform, inspire and challenge organisations to be better.

Along the way we’ve…

Evaluated the emotional impact of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Advised a global FMCG firm on how to get involved in the conversation about pregnancy in Mexico.
Challenged […]

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5 practical tips to help you get the most from your Social Media Monitoring

It doesn’t matter if you use social media monitoring tools for consumer engagement, PR, customer service or market research – there are a few tips which can help you focus your activity and get more in return.


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Evaluating the London 2012 Games

Catherine Wright, Senior Consultation and Intelligence Officer at the GLA tell us how they have been evaluating the impact of the Games by exploring the views of Londoners and visitors.

The views of Londoners and visitors have been crucial in evaluating the impact that the Games has had on our city. As well as using traditional […]

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How our sense of identity might change in the future

The Government’s Foresight unit has just published its report:Future Identities – Changing identities in the UK: the next 10 years.

This report provides an evidenced-based review on how personal identities are changing and what this means for policy makers and Government. As market researchers, the report also contains some interesting ideas on how we should think […]

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A quick guide to social media research data

It’s easy to think of social media as one big amorphous mass of consumer generated content. But not all social media is created equal. Their nature and how they work will shape what data they collect. So here’s our quick guide to how some popular sources differ in terms of their use in research.


The big […]

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